All inclusive gourmet menu



Breakfast and lunch will be served on board and will feature a variety of delicious local products such as “mozzarelle di bufala” and fresh fish meals. Our crew will offer our guests on-board service and will provide:

• mineral water, soft drinks, Italian beer (unlimited all day long);
• midmorning and midafternoon snacks;
• 1 bottle of fine Italian champagne on lunch for each couple of guests.

Dinner represents an important moment for the Italian culinary tradition
Each evening it will take place in one of the best restaurants located either on Ponza or Ventotene island.

The dinner will feature fresh fish dishes and will include:

• starter
• first course
• second course
• side dish
• dessert
• mineral water
• 1 bottle of Italian quality wine for each couple of guests.

· Lobsters are not included.
· Any extra will be paid on site.
· We recommend reporting any food allergy in advance


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